Chaos Attractor Simulator in VR

Numerical Workshop

Made by Kevin//DeepFriedPancake🥞 @ The Hornet's Nest

change in x: \( \frac{dx}{dt} = \) 10(y-x)
change in y: \( \frac{dy}{dt} = \) x(28-z)-y
change in z: \( \frac{dz}{dt} = \) xy-\frac{8}{3}z
Numerical time step (dt):
(This determines how smooth the simulation is, in terms of numerical precision, not animation)
Animation speed (timesteps/frame):
Trail length(frame):
(trail length in number of frames, 0 = infinite)

Try these classic attractor equations!
Controls +
Move around
Rise up
Fall down
(fps games controls)
(use left controller)
(tap screen to fly)
Settings +
Flying speed:

(min value 0 = no movement, useful for tap control on mobile)
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